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Bursting with black, white, and rose-red, male rose-breasted grosbeaks are like an exclamation mark at your bird feeder or in your binoculars. Females and immatures are streaked brown and white with a bold face pattern and enormous bill. Siberian rubythroat medium-sized thrush with olive-brown upperparts, bright red throat, gray breast and sides, and white belly. Rufous hummingbird medium hummingbird, bright rufous-brown overall with white breast and ear patch, red-orange throat, and green shoulders. Red-breasted sapsucker medium-sized woodpecker with black-and-white barred upperparts, pale yellow belly, and white rump. The head, nape, throat, and breast are bright red moustache stripe is white. The wings are checkered black-and-white with large white patches. Soo my ive seen some bird in my life and one day my father describe a bird like none ive never seen or heard about. Well i live in ontario and i was wondering if there is any large and i mean large bird that has red specks on its wings or its back. Well my father said the wingspan was about 4 feet and every website ive encountered so far cant seem to match the description and i knwo that. Barn swallow medium swallow with glittering blue-black upperparts, red-brown forehead, chin and throat. It is the most abundant and widely distributed swallow in the world. 7 in) long, span 2933 cm (1113 in) across the wings and weigh 3565 g (1. Grosbeaks measured during migration in the west indies averaged 43 g (1. 5 oz), while those banded in pennsylvania average about 45 g (1. Very little sexual dimorphism in size is seen females were found to be marginally smaller in standard measurements, but in some seasons were marginally heavier than males when banded in pennsylvania.). Red-headed woodpeckers, whether male or female, look alike, wearing tuxedo-like plumage with all-red heads from throat, completely over the head and down the back of the head to the base of the neck. Young red-headed woodpeckers molt from gray-black heads to all-red heads. In the course of the molt, their heads look splotchy (see photo at right), and their wing tips are not yet fully white. The head has a black and white striped crown, with yellow spots between the bill and the eyes. The best way to undertake backyard bird identification is not necessarily to run to your field guide as soon as you see an unfamiliar bird in your yard. What was the primary color of the tree-clinging-like bird you saw in ontario? Black. Medium woodpecker with black-and-white barred upperparts, black head, yellow crown, white eye-line, throat, breast, and belly, and diagonally.

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