Can you get strep throat from oral sex


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Ok, now i understand your concern youre asking whether, if your partner also has strep in her mouth and throat, she could infect you by oral sex. The answer is no, for two reasons penile strep infections are extremely rare, if they occur at all and second, you are 100 protected from a new strep infection while taking amoxicillin. Dear sick, whether it is related or not, having a sore throat and swollen glands can be a real drag. The symptoms you describe could be a common cold or strep throat, but they could also be caused by an infection you may have received during oral sex. Its possible that your partner may have a sexually transmitted infection (sti) without knowing it, and passed it on to you through fluids. A bacterial infection dangerous to infants can be spread by sexual activity, particularly oral sex, between men and women, new study findings show. I cant relate to the link you gave about strep b and utis because ive never had that issue. Each time im always given a rapid strep test and it comes back positive. Ive never had a uti or an abscess in my throat, just strep throat. The affected throat resembles a strep throat with redness and occasionally may have some white spots or whitishyellow discharge. People who perform fellatio (oral contact with a penis) are more likely to get oral gonorrhea than those who do cunnilingus (oral contact with the vagina, clitoris).   yes you can get strep from oral sex, it is called group b strep. Many people carry group b strep bacteria in their bodies without developing infection or illness. However, the bacteria can become deadly to people with weakened immune systems. I have not seen the question you asked answered here-can you get strep from oral sex?-though even though a doctor and several other people posted over a long period of time. I am in a long-term relationship with someone, though we live apart, and frequently have had long periods of time with no sexual activity at all with him. Can a person get strep throat threw oral sex? Can you contract strep throat from oral sex? Answer.

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